August 17, 2007

Another Murder Early This Morning

What's the excuse for this one?
It happened not long after midnight in the 1000 block of North Salcedo Street. Officers found the body of an unidentified man lying in the street.

Police said he’d been shot in the chest and died on the scene.
I think this is right around the corner from Pal's bar.

I am no expert in criminology. I am not posting about murders all the time because I like it. I am also not posting about murders to point out the negative.

That's not my goal.

Mayor Nagin said at a recent crime meeting:
Most intelligent people out in our community are looking for that balance. Some folk is just negative and that’s just the way they going to be. And there’s nothing we can do about that. But for the majority of our citizens, it’s incumbent upon us to give you the truth and to give you the facts so you can really understand what’s going on.

And to my friends who keep trying to portray the city in its worst light: Stop. Even when they talk about murders and violent crimes, they link it up to other parishes around this area to make it seem like New Orleans is totally out of control.
I hope that I am not one of the negative folk. I am trying to be a member of the positive folk. I want "to give you the truth and to give you the facts so you can really understand what’s going on."

And murders are going on.

The NOPD, the city, the state, the federal government, and the community are doing what they can to stop the murders.

But they are still going on. That's all I want to point out.

17 days into August, 13 murders. 229 days into the year, 124 murders. A murder every 1.8 days, about a murder every other day. At this rate, 73 more people will die a violent death this year.

That's too much. Right?

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Carmen said...

Do you know how many people have been murdered in the city since Katrina? Not just this year but total number?

~And if the mayor thinks this is just a matter of negative branding, it's not. It's a reflection of city mismanagement of public funds and of misplaced priorities and of a failure of leadership at all levels of the criminal justice system.

Telling us we have to wait X amount of years to see a change because of NORD programs and community services is a pass-the-buck measure, and it's not fooling anyone. Especially the guys doing the killings. Nagin wants us to wait until he's out of office, and Riley wants us to wait until some of the bad guys (as Bernazzani calls them) take each other out.

If the Mayor doesn't think crime is killing both local industry and tourism, he ought return those campaign funds he's been collecting for whatever else is on his mind. He can't manage a city.