August 10, 2007

Go Team Gray!

Positive news from Pistolette about a local team with a chance to show up the big boys in a national competition. What makes it better is some of the team members are Tulane Engineering and Computer Science graduates... some of the last Tulane Engineering and Computer Science graduates maybe?

And she asks:
They have been featured in several national science publications, and two months ago the Discovery Channel came to film them work for several days (that show will air in February). So where is the local press on this story!?!
The local media has not made the positive pledge that I have made. Maybe they should.

Of course, if Team Gray succeeds, the Dept. of Defense will have more and better ways to kill people:
The DARPA Urban Challenge features autonomous ground vehicles conducting simulated military supply missions in a mock urban area. Safe operation in traffic is essential to U.S. military plans to use autonomous ground vehicles to conduct important missions.
But the science is certainly cool, if not the application. I am one who feels like humans can both have this knowledge and use it wisely. Some day.


Leigh C. said...

They were also on a NOVA special on the DARPA challenge a while back. Very cool.

Pistolette said...

You go Leigh C! I totally missed your post about that. Would have just linked to it! Those guys rock :-)

Pistolette said...

Nice to meet you MD. Added to my blogroll :-)

I'm gonna try to make it out to Rising Tide too so I hope to meet everyone there.