September 24, 2007

In Our Own Small Way...

Rising Tide II and a few bloggers contributed to the first line in this NY Times article:
The schools here have fresh paint, the bathroom stalls have doors, the library at the largest high school has books again and the angry demonstrations that met last school year’s chaotic opening have not been repeated.
We may not have painted the entire school, but the trim on the third floor halls of A.P. Tureaud is pretty shades of blue because a few of you showed up.

Showing up is half the battle. (According to GI Joe, knowing is the other half. I would say showing up is the tougher half.)

ADDED: Front page, no less.

1 comment:

Leigh C. said...

Heh. And all I did was scrape off some fresh paint...

Good to see good news for once about this area on a front page of an out-of-town MSM publication.