September 25, 2007

On Deuce

The man hustled off the field last night with a torn ACL. I saw footage of his first ACL tear on the news today. He hustled off the field then, too.

With Deuce gone, the Saints are down more than just their best player.

The Librarian on Deuce’s replacement:
This inevitably means that we'll be watching Saints corporate spokesmodel Reggie Bush attempt to carry more of the rushing load. Last night, Bush carried 7 times for 15 yards and dropped a pass in the endzone.
Via Humid Haney, what Deuce’s replacement thinks the Saints need to do to make the playoffs:
Bush already has that answer.

"We can either go left or right," he said. "We have to make a choice."
Tellingly, Deuce’s replacement left out “straight” as one of the team’s options, as in straight down the field where the endzone is located.

Run straight, Reggie. Like Deuce.


jeffrey said...

Heh. At least he didn't say, "move forward"

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Cait said...

Bush is totally a 3rd down guy - I wonder if Thomas will be activated now...hmm.

E said...

yo md, remember our discussion about the emerging role of internet in protest mobilization? interesting connection to be made with whats going on in burma this week. check me out; let me know your thoughts!