September 17, 2007

Seattle's Finest

Recruiting in New Orleans last week. They advertised on

Notice the Times-Picayune article on the page: “Two killed in separate Sunday shootings.

Seattle Police comes down Thursday and Friday trying to lure our police away. Saturday and Sunday three people are murdered, two people are shot downtown, and five people are stabbed on Bourbon Street.


Seattle is offering $47,334 a year for an officer. The NOPD offers $42,170.

Through May, there were nine murders in Seattle according to the SPD website. In the same time period, there were 78 murders in New Orleans. And, eight of the nine Seattle murders were “cleared” according to the SPD website.

Must be nice.

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Professor Zero said...

Yes. And they have lovely mountains and ocean. But N.O. is superior. And their real estate is more expensive - much more - even with post-K prices figured in.