October 29, 2007

Our New Governor Speaks Bubba

posted by m.d.

I don't even speak Bubba:
WALLACE: Governor-Elect Jindal, you ran four years ago and lost in some part because of the discomfort of some people from your state with voting for the son of an Indian immigrant.

This time around there were bumper stickers, Bubbas for Bobby. Can you speak Bubba? And how did you reach out to them? How did you break down the barrier?

JINDAL: Well, two things. I think the reason we lost last time was more of a lack of familiarity. We came out of nowhere in the polls. We were polling at 3 percent when we got in, surprised a lot of people by getting in the runoff, had six weeks to introduce myself to a large portion of our population.

This time, we traveled to every of one of 64 parishes multiple times. We probably traveled and met with more voters than all my opponents combined.

I think once voters got to know who I was beyond what they saw on T.V. and read in the newspapers — they know I'm a fiscal conservative. They know that I'm pro-life, know that I've been endorsed by the NRA.
And Chris Wallace called Jindal "a GOP rock star."

Rock on, Bubba Jindal.


Charlotte said...

I don't care if he speaks "Bubba" or is Bubba, as long as he helps get this city and state more respect and into the 21st century.
I didn't vote for him but he's certainly a cut above the idiots that have inhabited the gov'na's mansion in recent years.

BTW - just because (some) NOLAN's think the rest of LA and MS are populated by Bubba's (ie: dumbass conservative rednecks)just proves how intolerent they themselves are.

m.d. said...

Charlotte, I hope you don't think this post was aimed at Bobby Jindal. It was aimed at Chris Wallace.

I find it funny that Wallace asked Bobby Jindal, "Can you speak Bubba?" That question is loaded with all kinds of assumptions by Chris Wallace:

1) There is a class of "Bubba" out there that can be easily generalized (pick the stereotype of your choice: redneck, gun-toting, Jesus-loving, NASCAR-watching, etc.)

2) Bobby Jindal isn't a member of that class ("And how did you reach out to them?")

3) Bobby Jindal can't be a member of that class ("How did you break down the barrier?")

Wallace was basically asking: "How did you get a bunch of white rednecks to vote for you because you are so obviously not white?"

Okay, maybe that is an exaggeration. But, I do think it demonstrates the same assumption that you so rightly labeled intolerent. It assumes that everywhere outside of the urban areas is "populated by Bubba's (ie: dumbass conservative rednecks)." You and I know this to be untrue.

On Jindal's part, he answered like a gentleman.

If my writing lead to any confusion as to the intent of words, I will write better in the future.

Signed, Bubba Deane.

An aside: the word Bubba looks like Buddha when your eyes are tired.

Cero said...

My concern is that he speaks "Bubba" too well.

Cero said...

P.S. "just because (some) NOLAN's think the rest of LA and MS are populated by Bubba's (ie: dumbass conservative rednecks)just proves how intolerent they themselves are."

This is true, and important.

aa said...