January 6, 2008

It’s Hard Not To Be Morose

posted by m.d.

Six days, five murders in New Orleans. All shot.

Also, two non-fatal shootings. One is not life threatening. One victim was in critical condition.

A year later, and we are still on our bloodied knees.

Once again, the murder rate is not a blip.

In decidedly less morose news, I can start eating king cakes again. As of last year, and with the demise of McKenzie’s, my favorite king cakes come from Hi-Do Bakery on Terry Parkway in beautiful downtown Terrytown.

And, yes, this post contained murders and king cakes in it.


alli said...

Henry's on St Claude also makes a mean king cake. I picked one up today that was fresh out the oven!

m.d. said...

I'll have to try Henry's. My mother brought me one from Rouse's today. I haven't eaten any yet, though.

I am ambivalent about kings cakes fresh out of the oven. I like it fresh, but not necessarily hot - but that might be because I am accustomed to buying them hours after they're baked.