January 5, 2008

The Skeletons of New Orleans

posted by m.d.

Parts of New Orleans were abandoned before the storm:
The Orleans Parish coroner's office is seeking the identity of a person whose skeletal remains were found by workers in the unoccupied C.J. Peete public housing complex Friday morning.


The body was in an area where people apparently had taken up residence though the complex had been closed since before Katrina and was fenced in. There were blankets, food, a place where fires probably had been made, and an ice chest.
Related – two homeless people freeze to death.

A commenter on nola.com regarding the homeless deaths:
The freeze did not kill these people. Their decision to not accept shelter killed them.

Now the TP writer is putting freeze in the same class as guns and SUVs. They all need human participation to become lethal.
Freezing temperatures do not kill people. Human participation in freezing temperatures kills people.

The world keeps giving me more to think about.

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