January 25, 2008

What a Wonderful Thing to Say

posted by m.d.

Rev. Jack Battiste of the New Testament Baptist Church in the 9th Ward on why his church will make a comeback:
"The love of the city exceeds the hardship."
I just liked that. I liked it because I read it two ways. First, that the reverend's love of the city he lives in is greater than the hardships he faces. Then I looked at it again and read it as the city's love - the love the city feels for her residents - is greater than the hardships we face.

The city's love exceeds the hardships. I think that is important. The residents already love New Orleans. That's why they are here.

New Orleans must love her residents back.

The article is written by a journalist from Northern Michigan. She also maintains a blog on her newspaper's website. In it, she writes of her experience in the Lower 9th and St. Bernard Parish:
It’s hard to believe it’s been more than two years since Katrina, judging from the state of neighborhoods like these. And seeing the devastation firsthand makes it seem all the more real.
Journalists keeping having that same reaction when they come down for the first time.

I must keep reminding myself that this year is the "tipping point."


Leigh C. said...

It's a beautiful thing you found, there. Wishing this city would love us back, though, is a pretty historically risky proposition. Not that it stops ME living here...

Charlotte aka TM said...

There's no doubt that the faith of the African-American community has seen them through many hardships throughout history. It will sustain the residents of the Ninth Ward too.

Thanks for this uplifting post. :)

E.J. said...

The year we start TIPPING public officials off the top of city hall? You know, you have to make examples out of others for some people to get it.