August 17, 2007

Battle of the Deviant Computer Models

Deviant blue line vs. deviant yellow line.

I am rooting for the yellow line.

The other models do not deviate much, which is always a good sign.

*UPDATE* 4pm: The deviant blue line continues.


Sophmom said...

This is what I said to Dangerblond: I liked Mr. Clio’s models too. Unfortunately, there are new runs on the actual models and the GFDL has moved even farther north & east. It now sits smack dab on LA. I’ve read every bit of data that I can get my hands on and they don’t have a clue where this storm is going. Anyone who says they know is lying. There are still too many variables that must resolve. Will the Upper Level Low over the Bahamas meander across FL into the Gulf to “pull” Dean north and east? Will the stationary high pressure ridge that’s kept us all so unfuckinbelievably hot these last ten days finally succumb to the tropical moisture (and the aforementioned upper level low)? AWWW GAWWD! It’s just too much for a little southern girl to bear! My gut says, though, that we’ll know before RT. My prediction (what the hell do I know?) is that, Dean’ll make landfall somewhere between the TX-Mex border and the LA/MS border (gulp) next Thursday or Friday. How’s that for going out on a limb? I’m trying to stay calm (it’s not working). Michael is scheduled to work Monday night and is driving back down with his roommate Monday morning. I’m still planning on leaving Friday morning until something hopelessly obvious stops me. *sigh*

Cero said...

The 8 PM model moved the blue line down into Texas. But it's sort of unknowable until Tues/Weds., it seems.