August 18, 2007

Wake Up. Check Dean.

There he is.

The models look good.

I am a little worried that Dean seems to be slowing down, and when storms slow down dramatically, models change. But things look good for us. Bad for Texas and Mexico.

Life on the Gulf Coast.


Sophmom said...

Actually, the fact that Dean is slowing down is likely part of the reason why the models have moved south and west. It's still all about the ridge and the low and had Dean maintained speed, he might have caught up with the low's westward movement, which would have pulled him north and east. Or so "they" say. It's better but still scary. I know you want this particular storm to go someplace else for all sorts of reasons.

Of course, S. TX has it's own when not if worst case scenarios. I have these visions of Houstonians evacuating to N.O. Yikes.

m.d. said...

I just remember Katrina's jog at Florida's southern tip. It's like Katrina waited for window.

I don't want a window to open up for Dean.

At the same time, I don't want anyone to get hit. I mean, that's life on the Gulf Coast. I don't know.